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    NOTICE Back to the Novus - Coming Soon

    This is not RF, never saw this game before
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    Those many items in RF.Wiki - Original or invented by Mid-Way

    Hello ADM, I was browsing trough the RF.Wiki, and i saw so many items that i never saw before in RF Online, not even in 10 years or more playing this game. Those booty items, elementals and etc, so i got ask, are they original from RF Online and they were never implemented in the game, but...
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    Is this normal or it is bugged?

    Humm Jesus, i walked in so many places in the map and could not find:Dash1::Dash1:, what about the furious splinter in the map Beast Land?
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    Is this normal or it is bugged?

    I need to add the information about Novajan Fortress Map, also known as OCL 2, there is no mob named with "furious" in its nickname, so you cant complete some quests, is the same problem about the "Furious Splinter" i described above in the post about Beast map.
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    [Beginners guide] Farm money, dragon bone booster

    Nice guide man, by the way, are you still playing your Armor Rider at bell side? Because if you are not, i accept your itens, gonna use on my char.:Dance4::Dance4:
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    That teleport to the Station is not working at all, tried today, 3 million position and cant find the correct place to teleport to that map.
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    HP/FP/Adrenalin's pack

    Is it possible to increase the quantity of potions (FP/HP/ADRENALIN) that a char can carry, from 99, to 250? I say that because in guild room, there are packs of 250, and that would be really cool to be brought to our chares, i never saw that in any server, i wonder if it's possible.:Dirol:
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    Is this normal or it is bugged?

    I was at the new Beast's Map doing the NPC's quest. i could not find the furious splinter, there were only the awakened splinters.
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    Is this normal or it is bugged?

    Hello again,:Biggrin: I was leveling my Armor Rider in OCL map, using MAU ranger, when the Beast and Red Haired Mobs debuffed me that annoying debuff, take a look at its time duration: 1- Is it normal, more than 90 seconds duration as lvl 7 debuff? 2- I dont know if at the time CCR.Inc made...
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    Melee MAU's amount of NETS/MAU's NPC

    I also got to add that a MAU NPC in Ether would be good, we have a useless NPC in Solus, could be replaced in Ether.
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    Melee MAU's amount of NETS/MAU's NPC

    Hello, Mau melee got only 2 nets per magazine, thats one thing that has never changed year after year, even Mau ranger got 5 rounds on its useless secondary weapon, what about making this equal? Mau melee and ranger to have 5 rounds per magazine on their secondary weapon?:Bomb::Dirol:
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    My suggestions are...

    Hello:Dance3:, I have just started playing the new grind-RPG server, so far, so good, but i got some suggestion for this new start: 1- We start with no returnee weapon, this is good, we got say this is rpg-grind server, it took me ages to kill some young flems with my bare hands and get some...
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    Sealed Animus - Paimon

    Hello, As the title says, the sealed paimon is bugged on its hp. 1-When you open the animus window (letter U), you see your paimon is full hp, but when you summon it, will be half hp, less than that or even 0%.:Mega Shok: 2-When you open the animus window (letter U), you see your paimon is...